Days Of Summer (2019- Work In Progress)

Growing up in one of the smallest states in India, where recreational activities and facilities for youth are not being given much significance, I was instantly drawn to these skateboarders who seemed to have popped out on the streets from nowhere. Over time as I would observe, these kids come out on the streets, and passionately learn and practice skateboarding. Neither the lack of facility nor the police chase-outs seemed to discourage them.

Interestingly, this common love for skateboarding, have brought young people to connect, in ways beyond skateboarding. I met someone who was trying to do away with drug abuse, and skateboarding has been his resort, and the community his support system. Many of them openly shared to me, their dreams and fears, during one of their hang-outs which I joined.

For over 3 months now, I have been closely following these people, and have ambitiously set on to create awareness on this new community of enthusiastic kids, and support to make the dream to have their own skate park a reality. Though society and government may not consider this earnestly; if this sport is helping the young generation to channelize their energy positively, then I am assured, it is also touching other underlying issues on which many big societal problems are based.

“Days Of Summer” is an on-going project about youths in Sikkim, particularly Gangtok, the capital city through a group of skater kids wandering around the city to find a place to call their own and their dream of having a skate park.

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