Days Of Summer (2019- Work In Progress)

This work began when I met a group of young people who were pursuing their dream of becoming professional skateboarders. I felt an immediate connection with my own memories of growing up in the same city. With limited open outdoor space to hang out and practice, this community often face problems with police and the society. They are regarded as nuisance and stereotyped as wasted kids. Located in the heart of the mountain city, the place which they call ‘the Terrace’ is the only space they have made their own, and where they feel free. ‘The terrace’, once regarded in the community as a meeting place for drug users and other anti social activities; is today a bustling space, connecting young people, in ways beyond skateboarding. Through this work, I hope to shed light on this community and how this sport is enabling young people to channelize their energies positively, as well as, create awareness and support to make the dream of having their own skate park a reality.


Days of Summer is an ongoing project that is focussed on youth in Sikkim. The project is a documentation of the struggles, dreams and hopes of young people to relate, to find one’s self and to be valued.


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